Established in 1797, Nickolls & Perks is officially the 1,520th oldest company in the world, opening during the reign of King George Ill, the same year that the top hat initially appeared on the streets of London and George Washington served as the first American president.

The Company has been owned by the Gardener family since 1945 and now has 3rd and 4th generation members at the helm. Whilst investing and adapting for the future, N&P preserves the best of traditional values in order to maintain our fine reputation for customer service.

Quality Merchandise

Bordeaux, Champagne, Vintage Port & Whisky are our main specialist areas, we keep a particularly close eye on new developments in these areas. New vintages are assessed regularly and improvements in winemaking and wine makers at certain Chateaux and Domains are recognised as early as possible.

Personal service

Long-term client relationships are the backbone of our business, forged by maintaining a personal touch.

Value for Money

They say perception is reality, well we believe reputation alone is no measure of quality. We are continually looking for wines that push the boundaries of reputation, therein lies value for money.


Business is always adapting to the environment in which we live, we believe in keeping up with new technologies to help us to communicate our message and deliver our goals more efficiently.