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Bardstown Bourbon Company Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon – Origin Series
A bottled-in-bond expression from Kentucky's state-of-the-art Bardstown Distillery. As with all bottled-in-bond expressions, all the distillate hails from a single season of distillation and was matured in bonded warehouses for at least four years before being bottled at 100 proof, or 50% ABV for us Europeans. The mash bill for this expression strays from the path laid by its non-bottled-in-bond sibling in the range, swapping the secondary component from rye to a 20% inclusion of wheat, creating a softer profile. Peachy and creamy, with notes of citrus and toffee, this is a sumptuous bourbon with lots to unpack.
75cl ⋅ 50.00%£64.95 / Bottle£54.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Bardstown Bourbon Company Straight Bourbon – Origin Series
Built in 2016, a glance at the Bardstown Distillery and one is reminded of a famous line from Jurrasic Park: "we spared no expense". This gorgeous state-of-the-art facility has swiftly become a jaw-dropping powerhouse of bourbon production, even sporting glass rickhouses. A full-bodied high-rye bourbon from the Bardstown Bourbon Company, with a punchy 36% rye on the mash bill. Expect lots of rye spice and cinnamon, balanced with notes of apricot, orange blossom, mint and caramel.
75cl ⋅ 48.00%£60.95 / Bottle£50.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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