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Brora 1982 (Bottled 2008) – Connoisseur’s Choice (Gordon MacPhail)
Brora retains a place of near legend for Scotch whisky enthusiasts; a distillery with a compelling history, maturing stocks showing exceptional quality, but ultimately silenced by a turbulent market. The stills finally ceased birthing new spirit in 1983, making this 1982 vintage some of the very last to be laid down for future indulgence. Finally bottled in 2008, the whisky presents the clean and bright Highland malt style that was only produced in the final years of the distillery's legacy, but with over a quarter-century of maturation to develop into the fine malt presented here today. A rare piece indeed.

Please note - This whisky is an old bottling from a private collection. Please enquire if you wish to see further images or enquire regarding the condition.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£600 / Bottle
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Brora 25 Year Old 2008
Few distilleries occupy as evocative a space for whisky enthusiasts as Brora. This intriguing distillery was founded in 1819 and intermittently operated until 1983 when it seemingly closed its door forever. This 2008-released 25 year old expression contains some of the final spirit to be produced at the distillery before its 80s closure. With the distillery producing spirit once more, this is sure to be a fascinating comparison against a new age of this world-famous distillery.

This bottle is from a private collection. Please contact us if you wish to see more photos.
75cl ⋅ 56.30%£2,250.00 / Bottle£1,875 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Brora Triptych (3 x 50cl)
A collection of three absurdly rare Brora whiskies, harking from before the distillery's closure in 1983. To celebrate the reopening of the distillery after nearly four decades of operational silence, Diageo have released this one-of-300 set of three Brora samples.

The 1982 Timeless Original features spirit distilled just prior to the distillery's closure the following year. The 38-year-old whisky is said to be indicative of Brora's famous waxy style, supported by grassy and lemon notes. Bottled at 47.5% ABV.

The 1977 Age of Peat expression has been matured for an impressive 43 years and features a particularly heavily peated style of spirit that was produced to meet the increasing demand in blended whiskies. A surprisingly clean and crisp nose of apples, beeswax, and vanilla, followed by spice, ginger cake and lingering echoes of peat smoke. Bottled at 48.6% ABV. 

The 1974 distilled Elusive Legacy expression features a particularly earthy style of spirit that
50cl ⋅ 46.30%£35,500.00 / Case£29,583.33 excl. VAT / Case
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Brora 34 Year Old 1982 – (Special Releases 2017)
Another striking release from the Special Releases series of 2017- the sixteenth bottling of Brora in the iconic series. Just 3,000 bottles were produced, drawn from refill American oak hogsheads which were initially filled in 1982. 
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70cl ⋅ 51.90%£3,000.00 / Bottle£2,500 excl. VAT / Bottle
Brora 37 Year Old 1977 (2015 Special Release)
This 37 year old single malt is the oldest ever release from the Brora distillery, also one of four bottlings from the 2015 Special Releases which are from closed distilleries. the spirit was filled into American Oak hogsheads back in 1997, left to mature until now when Diageo decided to bottle it for the Special Releases. The whisky is presented at 50.4% ABV. Just 2,976 bottles were produced.

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70cl ⋅ 50.00%£2,500.00 / Bottle£2,083.33 excl. VAT / Bottle
1978 Brora 40 Year Old – 200th Anniversary Edition
One of the oldest ever Brora single malts released, marking the 200th anniversary of this silent distillery's original opening. A vatting of just 12 American oak hogsheads containing liquid that was initially distilled back in 1978 during a period of peated production. This 40 year old bottling is also the first official release since being dropped from the annual Diageo Special Releases. Only 1,819 bottles are available worldwide.
70cl ⋅ 49.20%£5,400.00 / Bottle£4,500 excl. VAT / Bottle