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Glenturret 10 Year Old Peat Smoked (2021 Release)
Paying homage to the distillery's long history of peat cutting, with records showing that peat was cut by the distillery's water source in the early 1800s, this expression is a mix of peated and non-peated spirit from the distillery matured in both first fill and second fill European and American oak casks. Bottled at an impressive 50% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£52.95 / Bottle£44.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 10 Year Old Peat Smoked – 2022 Release
Glenturret's peated style of spirit, matured in both first-fill and second-fill European and American oak casks for at least 10 years. A campfire smoke develops with the cask flavours to produce notes of toasted pine nuts, sweet vanilla and lemon sherbet, notes that carry through to the palate. Bottled at a flavoursome 50% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£59.95 / Bottle£49.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 12 Year Old 2006 (cask 12759) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
Single cask Glenturret drawn from a single refill sherry hogshead, which has clearly left a wealth of colour in this whisky. Distilled in April 2006, just 389 bottles were filled from the cask when it was emptied in September 2018.
70cl ⋅ 48.40%£94.95 / Bottle£79.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 12 Year Old – 2023 Release
The 12 Year Old core expression from Scotland's oldest operating distillery, Glenturret. Despite being a core release, the whisky is produced in yearly batches, with 2023's release a selection of just 60 casks. A mix of American and European oak casks, with plenty of sherry influence, bottled without chill-filtration or added colouring.
70cl ⋅ 46.40%£75.75 / Bottle£63.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 30 Year Old – 2020 Maiden Release
Introducing the oldest whisky in Glenturret's Maiden Release series, which has been finished in specially-selected European oak sherry casks to bring heaps of fruity character to the fore. The presentation of this whisky is second to none, as the glass decanters have been designed by the distillery's new owners, Lalique Group. A plethora of tropical fruit, vanilla and pear followed up by some oak-y notes with more ripe fruit.
70cl ⋅ 45.70%£1,494.95 / Bottle£1,245.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 30 Year Old – 2022 Release
Matured from some of the rarest casks in Glenturret's traditional dunnage warehouses. Some of the whisky in this rare 30-year-old single malt was matured in a Niepoort Portuguese oak cask, a cask rare cask that has been in use for over one hundred years and previously held rich dark port, imparting a beautiful ruby hue and tropical flavours onto the whisky. A medley of Moscatel, refill, and European oak sherry cask matured whiskies create further complexity in this astonishing whisky. One of only 750 bottles.
70cl ⋅ 42.00%£1,850.00 / Bottle£1,541.67 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 7 Year Old Peat Smoked – 2022 Release
Sherry-seasoned American oak cask matured whisky provides the confectionary sweetness at the heart of this delicious dram, with refill cask matured whisky allowing the smoky spirit to shine through, delivering a warming and welcoming smoky profile. A vibrant whisky bottled at a tasty 44% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 44.00%£52.95 / Bottle£44.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret Peated
Peated single malt Scotch whisky from the new range by Glenturret. This kind of malt would often feature in the blends to make the well-known Famouse Grouse bottlings.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£44.89 / Bottle£37.41 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Glenturret 12 Year Old (2021 Release)
A core range release from the oldest operating distillery in Scotland. Notes of dried fruits and spices from European oak harmonise beautifully with vanilla and caramel tones from American oak. A small number of carefully selected casks unite to create The Glenturret 12 Years Old. Bottled at an approachable 46% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£64.96 / Bottle£54.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
Glenturret 15 Year Old – 2022 Release
Matured in a high percentage of European oak casks than younger releases in the core range for a deep flavoursome character, full of dried fruits and spices at a slightly higher strength of 53% ABV, accentuating the rich character.
70cl ⋅ 53.00%£125.00 / Bottle£104.17 excl. VAT / Bottle
Glenturret Sherry Edition
One of the newly-bottled releases from the Glenturret range was this Sherry Edition. Single malt Scotch whisky matured in the finest American and Spanish oak sherry casks. Notes of ripe stoned fruits and medium sherry.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£44.89 / Bottle£37.41 excl. VAT / Bottle
Glenturret Triple Wood
From Glenturret,Scotland's oldest working distillery a Triple Wood release that has been aged in ex-American and European Sherry seasoned oak and ex-Bourbon barrels. For many years this distillery has been better known as the home of Famous Grouse but the single malts are well worth seeking out.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£44.89 / Bottle£37.41 excl. VAT / Bottle
Glenturret Triple Wood – 2020 Maiden Release
Released for Glenturret's newly presented Maiden range, this Speyside single malt spent it's years maturing in a combination of European, American oak and bourbon barrels, which has resulted in a wonderful array of vanilla, fudge and cinnamon spice.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£47.95 / Bottle£39.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
Glenturret Triple Wood (2021 Release)
Matured in three types of casks to highlight the fruity nature of Glenturret: American and European oak sherry seasoned casks and Bourbon barrels. The different characters have been thoughtfully combined, resulting in a whisky with a delightful subtle character and an alluring golden colour. Bottled at 44% ABV to accentuate the flavours of the whisky.
70cl ⋅ 44.00%£47.95 / Bottle£39.96 excl. VAT / Bottle