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1989 Jasmin, Cote Rotie, Giroflarie
Patrick Jasmin comes from a family of winegrowers, making him the fourth generation to do so. Since 1978, he has been expertly running a vineyard that spans over 6 hectares in Ampuis, which is famous for producing the best Côte-Rôtie wines.

Syrah makes up 95% of the acreage, while Viognier accounts for the remaining 5%. Patrick Jasmin is dedicated to sustainable viticulture, emphasizing minimal interventions and low yields.

He chooses to perform all tasks manually on the challenging hillside terrain. He vinifies grapes in individual plots, allowing for minimal intervention in the process. Patrick Jasmin's wines are known to exhibit aromatic finesse rather than raw power.

His wines are taut, elegant, and supple, with unique characters that reflect the terroir. The elevage process is light and spans over 24 months. The wines are excellent when consumed young but also possess exceptional aging potential.

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