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Kilchoman 100 Islay – 13th Edition 70cl ⋅ 50.00%£83.95 / Bottle£69.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman 11 Year Old – Feis Ile 2019
A limited release of just 939 bottles for this Kilchoman released for the 2019 Feis Ile that is a vatting of just two casks (one matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel and one matured in an ex-Oloroso Sherry butt) aged for 11 years and bottled at natural cask strength of 54.4%
70cl ⋅ 54.40%£355.00 / Bottle£295.83 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman 11 Year Old Founders Cask – Calvados Double Cask Finish – UK Exclusive
The last entry in Kilchoman's six-part Founders Casks series, this concluding expression was selected by Peter Wills of the Wills family who own the distillery. Matured for over nine years in ex-bourbon casks before a two+ year finishing period in ex-Calvados casks, a brandy from Normandy, France, produced from apples. Vibrant orchard fruits and citrus galore on the nose here with the classic maritime smoke of Kilchoman. This is an elegant expression, delivered at a powerful ABV of 54.8%.
70cl ⋅ 54.80%£129.95 / Bottle£108.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman 16 Year Old – Limited Edition
The release of the 16 Year Old marks the oldest expression of Kilchoman to date! A vatting of 21 casks of whisky, mostly ex-bourbon with a touch of sherry cask, this is a landmark release for the distillery and a must-have for fans. Rich and creamy citrus on the nose are followed by pears, plums and nutmeg, before a beautifully balanced palate of festive spices, tropical fruits and smouldering peat smoke.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£199.95 / Bottle£166.63 excl. VAT / Bottle Max number of bottles purchasable per household: 1
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Kilchoman 3 Year Old Oloroso Finish Spring 2010 Release
This was released back in 2010, when Kilchoman was just a baby. It's 3 year old whisky that's been matured in bourbon casks, before having a period finished in Oloroso sherry casks. It's bottled at 46% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£85.00 / Bottle£70.83 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman 7 Year Old 2008 70cl£65.00 / Bottle£54.17 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman 8 Year Old 2009 Vintage
From Islays much-loved farm distillery Kilchoman, heres their 2009 vintage single malt whisky. It was aged for 8 years on the Island, exclusively in bourbon barrels. Another great release from the distillery, soon well be eying up their 10 year old on the shelf!
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£67.60 / Bottle£56.33 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Casado 2022 Release
Casado (meaning "marriage" in Portuguese) is a combination of 38 fresh bourbon barrels that were vatted (or "married" you might say) in two 6,000-litre Portuguese red wine vats for two years. The heavily peated character combined with the unique maturation lead to pungent notes of campfire smoke that mix into notes of marzipan and overripe plums alongside fresher notes of apricots and jam.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£76.95 / Bottle£64.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Cognac Cask – 2023 Edition
Part of the Limited Edition 2023 series, the Kilchoman Cognac cask is a vatting of 32 Cognac cask Kilchomans, all matured for a minimum of 6 years. Lots of citrus and herbaceous notes upfront on this delicious Islay, alongside a healthy sprinkle of wood spice, all balanced beautifully with the maritime smoke of Kilchoman.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£84.95 / Bottle£70.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Fino Sherry Cask – 2023 Edition
An entry in the 2023 Limited Edition whiskies from the Kilchoman distillery. For this release, the Kilchoman whisky was matured for a minimum of five years in specially selected traditional Fino sherry butts from Bodega Jose y Miguel Martin. This particularly dry style of sherry has led to a sumptuous almond and dough influence on the whisky, with saline and fresh herb notes mingling wonderfully with the robust smoke and citrus of Kilchoman.
70cl ⋅ 50.00% £74.95 / Bottle £62.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Gift Pack – Machir Bay and Sanaig (2x20cl)
Looking to spoil someone with some smoky single malts? This gift pack from Kilchoman offers two different styles from the distillery, both matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks.
20cl ⋅ 46.00%£45.00 / Case£37.50 excl. VAT / Case
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Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2023 Release
The 2023 edition of Kilchoman's sherried core range Loch Gorm whisky. Notes of dusty dry chocolate and spice coat the light dried fruits, swimming amongst the salinity of brine and smoke that are indicative of Kilchoman. A fan-favourite, and for good reason.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£79.95 / Bottle£66.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Machir Bay
The ongoing core release from Islay's smallest and only independent distillery named after the beach a stones throw from this converted farmyard family distillery. Made up of 5-6 year old casks from 90% Ex-Bourbon and 10% Ex-Sherry from Port Ellen maltings of 50ppm.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£46.25 / Bottle£38.54 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength
Named after the local bay just down the hill from the distillery, Machir Bay Cask Strength is a limited edition released for the festive season. At 59% ABV, this should brighten up the winter months and keep you warm at the same time.
70cl ⋅ 59.00%£61.50 / Bottle£51.25 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Machir Bay Miniature
Machir Bay stands as the entry point into the Kilchoman range, showcasing the distillery's whisky predominately matured in bourbon casks. These miniatures are all bottled by hand at the distillery and are a great way to introduce someone to the Kilchoman range.
5cl ⋅ 46.00%£9.95 / Bottle£8.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman PX Sherry Cask Matured – 2023 Edition
An expression of Kilchoman matured entirely in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, a dark, sticky and sweet style of sherry that imparts a rich and spicy influence onto the whisky when used for maturation. The classic maritime peat smoke and vibrant citrus of Kilchoman are abundant on the nose and palate but with the added complexity of raisins, liquorice, dark chocolate and nutmeg. A rich and punchy Kilchoman.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£89.95 / Bottle£74.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Sanaig 70cl ⋅ 46.00%£63.50 / Bottle£52.92 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Sanaig Miniature
A rather neat miniature of Kilchoman's popular Sanaig release; a vatting of bourbon and sherry matured Kilchoman whisky. This mini makes for both a great gift and means of exploring the Kilchoman range.
5cl ⋅ 46.00%£11.00 / Bottle£9.17 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Winter 2010 Release
Released back in 2010, this Winter release from Kilchoman now serves as a wonderful insight into the humble beginnings of this now well-established Islay farm distillery. Matured for three years in ex-bourbon casks, the house-style of Kilchoman is the star of the show here, delivering the signature seaweed smoke and citrus fruits of the spirit, with a touch of vanilla and coconut from the wood.
70cl£120.00 / Bottle£100 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Kilchoman Islay – 10th Edition
Using barley grown 100% locally on the Island of Islay, the 10th batch from Kilchoman is made up of  thirty-nine bourbon barrels and two Oloroso sherry butts. A wealth of fresh fruit and peat smoke with a pleasant buttery finish.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£71.95 / Bottle£59.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Islay – 12th Edition
Produced using publican barley from the fields just outside of the distillery and malted at Kilchoman's traditional onsite floor maltings. An honest full grain-to-glass distillery expression for a truly authenticate Islay experience. A vatting of 29 bourbon barrels and 6 oloroso sherry butts that were aged for a minimum of 8 years. Notes of sweet spices, vanilla and unmistakable Islay peat throughout, bottled at 50% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£74.95 / Bottle£62.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Islay – 4th Edition
This is the fourth release of Kilchomans 100% Islay release, and as you can probably guess, this whisky may have something to do with being made with barley 100% from Islay. Every single step of production of the whisky has been undertaken at the distillery. That is hard labour! But this is something Kilchoman strive for as a family owned distillery. The whisky was made using an extensive combination of 40 first fill bourbon barrels aged four and five years old. The result is a youthfull whisky that has a lightly - peated character, fabulous.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£62.50 / Bottle£52.08 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Islay – 6th Edition
A unique whisky from Kilchoman with a simple transparency - single malt made with barley sourced entirely from the Island of Islay and bottled at high strength. This is now the 6th edition theyve released.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£69.95 / Bottle£58.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Islay – 8th Edition
The 8th edition of Kilchoman 100% Islay barley is made with the distilleries very own lightly peated barley than the rest of the releases and only 12,000 bottles available from a batch of 23 Ex-Bourbon and 17 Oloroso Sherry casks all around 10 years of age. This fresh and inviting Islay release just gets better with each edition.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£79.96 / Bottle£66.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman 2009 PX Cask 262 (Bottled 2014) – Whisky Club Luxembourg
The building of Kilchoman marked the new distillery on Islay in 124 years. The whisky in this special release was distilled just a few years into the distillery being founded, and was bottled specially for the Luxembourg Whisky Club. The whisky enjoyed a finishing period in a single sherry cask, combining the delicate smoke of Kilchoman with the intense dried fruit sweetness of PX sherry. Bottled at cask strength for an unadulterated experience.

This bottle is from a private collection. Please contact us if you wish to see more photos.
70cl ⋅ 55.20%£189.95 / Bottle£158.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman 9 Year Old 2008 – Founders Cask Release
The inaugural bottling in the Founder's Cask Release series by Kilchoman. This 9 year old was drawn from a single sherry cask, selected by family member Kathy Wills. The whisky was distilled in December 2008 and bottled in January 20018 at natural cask strength. One to collect if you're a big fan of Islay whiskies like us at Nickolls & Perks.
70cl ⋅ 54.40%£119.95 / Bottle£99.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Batch Strength 70cl ⋅ 57.00%£72.95 / Bottle£60.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2021 Release
The 2019 edition release of loch Gorm from Islay's smallest distillery is the only single malt in the core range that is aged exclusively in ex-Sherry casks. A limited release of just 15,000 bottles that was from just 20 Oloroso Sherry casks from various vintages between 2006-2011 and this Loch Gorm will be the oldest yet containing 12-13 year old malt peated to 50ppm.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£69.95 / Bottle£58.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength 2018 European Tour
A cask strength variant of Kilchoman's flagship release, the Machir Bay. Matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks for a complex sweet and spicy character, with the looming smoke of Kilchoman spirit. This particular bottling was released alongside Kilchoman's 2018 European Tour and bottled at a bold 59.8% ABV.

This bottle is from a private collection. Please contact us if you wish to see more photos.
70cl ⋅ 59.80%£105.00 / Bottle£87.50 excl. VAT / Bottle
2015 Kilchoman Madeira Cask Matured (2021 Release)
It's been some years since we've seen a Madeira cask expression from this much-loved farm distillery on Islay. Distilled in May 2015 using Kilchoman's 50ppm Port Ellen malt, the whisky then spent over five years maturing exclusively in ex-Madeira wine casks. A total of forty-six hogsheads to be exact, which were bottled up at 50% ABV. "My preference when using wine casks has always been to use fresh first fill barrels with a view to bottling the whisky relatively young. This approach means the lighter clean flavours and fresh maritime peat smoke aren’t overwhelmed by the cask influence" says Kilchoman founder Anthony Wills.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£79.00 / Bottle£65.83 excl. VAT / Bottle