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2018 Vergelegen, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Stellenbosch
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc.
The wine is complex, showing blackcurrants, spice, ripe plums and attractive wood aromas and flavours. It is full and rich with prominent tannins that bodes well for future ageing.
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2021 Vergelegen, Semillon Straw Wine, Stellenbosch
The nose is filled with abundant, ripe tropical fruit aromas, yet the wine maintains its vibrancy and allure thanks to its remarkable acidity and refreshing palate. To fully appreciate its qualities, it's recommended to serve this wine well chilled, at a temperature between 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.The grapes for this wine were carefully harvested, with some left to dry on the vines or wooden pallets until they reached the desired sugar concentration. These grapes were then processed, without crushing or de-stemming, and fermented with their skins in plastic bins. This unique approach helped break down cell tissue and extract slightly higher quantities of juice. The resulting sweet juice was subsequently transferred to old barrels to complete the alcoholic fermentation process. The wine was then aged for a period of 15 months in old oak barrels.COMPOSITION: This wine is crafted exclusively from 100% Semillon grapes.MATURATION: While this wine is delightful to enj
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2021 Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
The 2021 Schaapenberg Sauvignon Blanc boasts a highly aromatic profile, featuring ripe passion fruit, guava, notes of black currant leaf, a hint of lemongrass, and a pronounced minerality. The wine leaves a lasting and refreshing aftertaste. It pairs wonderfully with fresh oysters, sushi, and delicately spiced Thai dishes.These grapes originate from the renowned Schaapenberg Vineyard situated on Schaapenberg Hill. Historically, this hill served as Governor Van der Stels' lookout point for observing ships rounding Cape Point. The single vineyard, spanning 2.5 hectares, was initially planted in 1988 and enjoys a prime location just 6.5 kilometers from False Bay, facing directly south at an elevation of 320 meters above sea level.VINIFICATION: The grapes were carefully hand-picked and then destemmed without undergoing crushing. The destemmed grapes were gently cooled to 8°C and subsequently transferred into the Bucher Inertys Press, a unique press that employs inert gas,
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2020 Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
Classic Sauvignon Blanc from Vergelegen. It presents pronounced notes of passion fruit and gooseberry, which are prominent both in the aroma and on the palate, creating a delightful tropical sensation. Bright and crisp, this juicy wine pairs well with shellfish like oysters, prawns and simply grilled fish such as sea bass. Also great with goats' cheeses and Japanese dishes such as sushi.
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2017 Vergelegen DNA Stellenbosch
A medium to full bodied red from the Western Cape of South Africa. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with red berry flavours and notes of coffee and chocolate. Smooth tannins and a long finish it's best enjoyed with lamb, beef stew or pasta dishes.The grapes were hand picked, de-stemmed and cold soaked for a week. After fermentation there was a 42 day maceration on the skins followed by malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Finally the wine spent 16 months in 100% new French oak before bottling.
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2017 Vergelegen, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Stellenbosch
This wine exhibits complexity, with discernible notes of blackcurrants, spices, ripe plums, and appealing woody aromas and flavours. It possesses a full and rich profile, characterized by prominent tannins that indicate promising potential for aging in the future.The grapes used in this wine were carefully chosen from Vergelegen's Rooiland and Stonepine vineyards, which are all oriented towards the north to northwest. These vineyards have a mix of granite, Hutton, and Clovelly soils, and the vines are densely planted at a rate of 4000 per hectare.Regarding the winemaking process, the Cabernet grapes were subjected to fermentation in both open and closed tanks at elevated temperatures ranging from 28 to 32°C. During this fermentation, the wine underwent regular pump-overs every 6 hours to ensure maximum extraction of color and tannins. After fermentation, the wine was aged for a total of 18 months in oak barrels, with 40% of the barrels being new and sourced from cooper
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2021 Vergelegen Chardonnay Reserve
The wine presents an appealing hue of lemony yellow-green, and its nose is a captivating blend of citrus, white peach, pineapple, spices, fragrant citrus blossoms, apricot, and hints of buttered toast. On the palate, it offers a long and graceful experience, accompanied by a lively mineral quality.This wine is currently drinking well, but it also holds the potential for further development over the next decade.VINIFICATION: The grapes were gently pressed as whole bunches without any contact with the skins. The resulting juice, after some clarification, was transferred into barrels for alcoholic fermentation. The barrels consisted of 30% new French oak and 70% second and third-fill barrels. The fermentation process began spontaneously, and after seven days, a pure culture yeast strain was introduced to complete the fermentation, which lasted approximately 15 days. Once the sugar had fully fermented, all 50 barrels were topped up. To preserve optimal acidity and freshnes
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