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Arran 10 Year Old
A popular Island single malt from the Arran distillery, accompanied by two nosing glasses ideal for scooping up all those wonderful aromas in the whisky. Lots of yellow fruits with a warming maltiness throughout.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£44.95 / Bottle£37.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran 13 Year Old 2010 Small Batch – Ex-Port Pipes
Released as part of Arran Distillery's Small Batch series, this coastal whisky was distilled in 2010 before resting in ex-Port pipes for 13 years. Selected by distillery manager Stewart Bowman and bottled exclusively for the UK market, these were some of the most unique casks in Lochranza's warehouses. Only 1,286 bottles were produced.
70cl ⋅ 53.20%£105.00 / Bottle£87.50 excl. VAT / Bottle Max number of bottles purchasable per household: 1
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Arran 1998 24 years old – Old & Rare (Hunter Laing) 55.8
We're once again treated to a glorious bottling of fine Scotch whisky from Hunter Laing's Old & Rare range. Spirit first flowed at the Arran distillery in the summer of 1995, meaning this 1998-distilled whisky was produced just three years into the distillery's lifetime. This remarkable Arran was matured in a single refill hogshead, where for 24 years it reacted with the cask to mature into the refined whisky we're presented with today. An unadulterated expression of the effects of long maturation on a fine Scotch, bottled at the natural cask strength of 55.8% without colouring or chill-filtration, from a cask yielding just 256 bottles.
70cl ⋅ 55.80%£480.00 / Bottle£400 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran 21 Year Old 1996 (cask 12357) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
Single cask single malt from the Isle of Arran, bottled by Douglas Laing as part of their Old Particular series. Aged from July 1996 to February 2018, this whisky offers expressive floral notes with salted butter and lemon zest. Just 544 bottles were drawn from refill barrel #12357.
70cl ⋅ 52.00%£144.95 / Bottle£120.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran 25 Year Old
The oldest of the Arran range, the 25 year old it's an exceptional release produced in very small quantities. A mixture of ex-sherry and bourbon cask malts that were aged for a minimum of a quarter-century, this is a complex expression, giving notes of fruitcake and toasted almonds, baked apricots and wood spice with manuka honey and demerara sugar, with gripping dark chocolate on the finish. Only 3,000 bottles are produced each year, each bottled with the natural colour and without chill-filtration.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£330.00 / Bottle£275 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Amarone Cask Finish
This island single malt from Arran has been matured in ex-Amarone wine casks, resulting in notes of cherry and dark chocolate, Turkish delight, and hints of cranberry. Bottled at a generous 50% ABV, the character of the Italian wine casks shines through in a harmonious marriage.
70cl ⋅ 50.00%£54.95 / Bottle£45.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Machrie Moor
The 2018 release of peated Arran single malt, Machrie Moor is now part of the distilleries core range offering and no longer has a batch number. Bottled at 46% ABV at natural colour and non-chill filtered and displays the classic Arran freshness with an added puff of smoke and earthiness.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£44.95 / Bottle£37.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Machrie Moor Peated – Batch 5 70cl ⋅ 54.00% £39.00 / Bottle £32.50 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Quarter Cask – The Bothy
A newly packaged release for the Arran Quarter cask and now part of the new core range of Arran single malts released in the autumn of 2019. "The Bothy" is finished in smaller (125 litre) American oak casks for 2 years after initial maturation in first fill ex-Bourbon barrels for at least 7 years and bottled at natural colour and non chill filtered and at cask strength of 56.2% abv.
70cl ⋅ 56.20%£50.00 / Bottle£41.67 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Sauternes Cask Finish 70cl ⋅ 50.00%£49.95 / Bottle£41.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Arran Signature Series Edition 1 – Remnant Renegade
A new series giving an insight into the breadth of flavour possible at the Arran distillery, showcasing some of the more unusual cask offerings. Edition 1 features a vatting of remnant casks that were selected by Distillery Manager Stewart Bowman, featuring ex-sherry butts, ex-sherry hogsheads and ex-bourbon casks, including some stock that was filled only a couple of years after the distillery re-opened. Star anise and toffee apple present on the nose with a clean and crisp orange blossom. The palate is silky smooth with a touch of menthol and honey, and even a slight hint of liquorice. A limited edition, bottled without chill-filtration or artificial colouring.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£79.95 / Bottle£66.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Breath of the Isles 14 Year Old 2007 (Adelphi)
A 14-year-old single malt from popular independent bottler Adelphi, hailing from an undisclosed distillery from the Islands. 1,020 bottles were produced.
70cl ⋅ 58.30%£77.95 / Bottle£64.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Caisteal Chamuis Blended Malt Whisky – Mossburn
A blend of island malts from Mossburn Distillers, the company behind the Torabhaig Distillery on the isle of Skye. Matured in a mix of first-fill and refill American oak hogsheads, with a finishing period in first-fill bourbon barrels. Peat smoke and salty island characters work in harmony with tropical fruits and vanilla throughout the nose and palate, with a light touch of spice.
70cl ⋅ 46.00% £32.95 / Bottle £27.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Caisteal Chamuis Blended Malt Whisky 12 Year Old – Mossburn
A blend of island malts from Mossburn Distillers. Matured initially in bourbon hogsheads before a second maturation in Oloroso sherry casks. Peat smoke and island sea spray are present, accompanied by a rich array of dried fruits, wax, earthiness and chocolate.
70cl ⋅ 46.00% £39.95 / Bottle £33.29 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Caol Ila 10 Year Old 2012 – Unchillfiltered (Signatory Vintage)
With 10 years of maturation in hogsheads, bottled without chillfiltration or adding colouring, this 2012 vintage Caol Ila is a solid sipper for any lover of Islay whisky. Bottled by Signatory Vintage at their typical 46% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£48.95 / Bottle£40.79 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Director’s Highbrow Single Malt 13 Year Old – Hepburn’s Choice (Hunter Laing)
Distilled at the "Director's Highbrow" distillery in 2007 and bottled under the Hepburn's Choice range from Indie bottler Hunter Laing. The name is of course a pseudonym for another undisclosed distillery, from the islands in particular. A 13-year-old filled from a single Quarter cask that displays peat, heather, honey & pears. Sounds like a certain Orkney distillery to me? A limited release of just 270 bottles.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£49.99 / Bottle£41.66 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 14 Year Old – Fascadale Batch 10 (Adelphi)
Matured in refill Oloroso sherry casks for 14 years, this fruity single malt from Highland Park was bottled up by Adelphi as part of their Fascadale series. Notes of tropical fruit, bonfire smoke and hazelnut brittle with a touch of sea salt.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£58.95 / Bottle£49.13 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart
Matured predominantly in sherry seasoned European oak casks, Viking Heart is a 15-year-old single malt with an abundance of character. Inspired by the earthware vessels used to house Highland Park's whisky over a hundred years ago, they have appointed Wade Ceramics to create a modern version. The whisky takes its name from the heart motif found on the back of the bottle amongst the lion and serpent design used by Highland Park.
70cl ⋅ 44.00%£79.95 / Bottle£66.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 18 Year Old Viking Pride
2017 saw a new wave of Viking raids on the whisky community with Highland Park dialling up the Orkney spirit! Viking Pride is the new name for the fan-favourite Highland Park 18 Year Old, which is bottled (in splendid new glass inspired by island wood carvings) at 43% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 43.00%£110.00 / Bottle£91.67 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 21 Year Old – 2020 Release
A combination of 55 casks that were laid down in 1998. A mix of first-fill sherry-seasoned European oak hogsheads, ex-bourbon casks and refill casks, leading to a nuanced profile of tangy fresh ginger, sun-ripened oranges, vanilla cream and lightly toasted oak, mingling with the smoky and spicy complexity of Highland Park spirit.
70cl ⋅ 46.00%£215.00 / Bottle£179.17 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 21 Year Old 2022 Release 70cl ⋅ 46.00%£255.00 / Bottle£212.50 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 22 Year Old 2000 – Old & Rare (Hunter Laing)
A delectable well-aged expression from one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland. Highland Park is often coy about its name being used for independently bottled expressions, but not in the case of this impressive Hunter Laing Old & Rare bottling. A 22 year maturation in a single refill American Standard Barrel has allowed this whisky to mature into a more delicate and refined experience. A rare sight indeed, and a release of only 163 bottles to boot. Presented at the natural strength of 56.9% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 56.90%£570.00 / Bottle£475 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park 40 Year Old – Spring 2019
A new 40 year old offering that joins the trio of new releases for Spring 2019, from the Highland Park distillery. Launched alongside a new 25 and 30 year old, this one in particular is beautifully packaged, and marks one of the oldest official distillery bottles available.
70cl ⋅ 43.20% £4,000.00 / Bottle £3,333.33 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Cask Strength – Release No.3 70cl ⋅ 64.10%£59.95 / Bottle£49.96 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Dark Origins 70cl ⋅ 47.00%£85.00 / Bottle£70.83 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Freya – 15 Year Old (Valhalla)
The third of four releases from Highland Park under the Valhalla Collection, which celebrate the old Norse gods. Here, Freya, the goddess of love is a 15 year old matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks. Packaged in a fantastic wood frame inspired by the Viking long ships, 19,000 bottles were released at natural cask strength.
70cl£350.00 / Bottle£291.67 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Harald (Warriors Series)
Another release from Highland Park that is all-in on the Viking theme, inspired by the history of Orkney and this one named after the Norwegian king Harald Fairhair. This was matured in a combination of American and European oak casks and is the 3rd of six in the "Warrior" series that was released for the travel retail market in Europe with each of the non age series getting more expensive with each release.
70cl ⋅ 40.00%£75.00 / Bottle£62.50 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Loki – 15 Year Old (Valhalla Collection)
Matured in sherry casks, this is an impressive 15 year old single malt from the Highland Park distillery in Orkeney. It was re-released to the UK market in 2016. Just the right amount of smoke with ample amounts of fruit holding it together.
70cl ⋅ 40.00%£349.95 / Bottle£291.63 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Ragnvald
Highland Park Ragnvald was released in 2013 as part of the Warrior series for the travel retail market, with more emphasis on European ex-sherry oak stock and some American oak in mix too. Ragnvald was a famous Viking said to be more happy at sea, and was a pioneer exploring as far as Asia and the middle east. This is a Highland Park worth travelling for without having to go via an airport.
70cl ⋅ 45.00%£459.90 / Bottle£383.25 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Highland Park Triskelion
A limited release Highland Park, "Triskelion" derived from the greek meaning for three legs or a Celtic triple spiral symbol is an aptly named collaboration of three Highland Park whisky makers (Gordon Motion, Max Mcfarlane & John Ramsay). A marriage of first fill Sherry seasoned Spanish & American oak casks, first fill ex-Bourbon barrels and hogsheads and some refill casks for this natural coloured complex and full bodied expression.
70cl ⋅ 45.10%£145.00 / Bottle£120.83 excl. VAT / Bottle
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