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Sagamore Signature Rye
As the name suggests, the signature release in Sagamore's portfolio. A traditional Maryland-Style rye whiskey, produced from two rye mash bills and matured for four to six years in new charred oak barrels. A particularly nutty and spicy nose, with lots of candied orange peel and baking spices before a classic vanilla note.
70cl ⋅ 41.80% £42.45 / Bottle £35.38 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Sagamore Double Oak Rye
Sagamore have taken their Signature Rye mash bill whiskey and added a second maturation in wave stave barrels: barrels with grooves etched into the staves, allowing for greater surface contact between the oak and the whiskey. The result is a darker and richer whiskey, with an intense coconut and baking spice aroma, before toasted oak notes leading on the palate. This expression has been bottled at 48.3% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 48.30%£68.95 / Bottle£57.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Sagamore Cask Strength Rye
A blend of straight high-rye and low-rye mash bills aged four to seven years, delivering a contrast between the fruity zest of younger whiskey, alongside the well-aged and pungent notes of seven year old rye. Bottled at a full and powerful 56.1% ABV.
70cl ⋅ 56.10%£69.95 / Bottle£58.29 excl. VAT / Bottle