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Wasmunds Single Malt Whiskey
A remarkable rye whisky made with an extraordinarily generous amount of smoked malt. The mash bill is 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Virginia Thoroughbred hand-malted barley - kiln dried with apple wood and cherry wood smoke. Double pot-stilled to between 150 and 160 proof and aged with a progressive series of new and used apple wood and oak chips inside used bourbon barrels. The innovative ageing process results in a truly unique rye whisky that is savoury and complex with the characteristic Wasmunds finish.
70cl ⋅ 48.00%£40.72 / Bottle£33.94 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Smooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbon
Smooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbon combines Smooth Ambler’s own wheated bourbon with a sourced, nine-year-old high-rye bourbon.

This unique whiskey earned a Gold Medal at Whiskey Magazine's 2016 World Whiskies Awards — try this perfect “contradiction” today!
75cl ⋅ 50.00%£69.95 / Bottle£58.29 excl. VAT / Bottle