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Balvenie 14 Year Old 2009 Bourbon Barrel – A Collection Of Curious Casks
The Balvenie Stories series continues with the Collection of Curious Casks. This latest collection explores the collaborative efforts of Malt Master, Kelsey Mckechnie, and Samples Coordinator, George Paterson, demonstrating their skill in identifying casks that exhibit extraordinary merits in the vast warehouses of Balvenie. This entry in the series highlights a parcel of casks that were originally destined to be in the Single Barrel 12 Year Old. However, upon tasting, a distinct peaty profile to the whisky was detected, despite the malt used not being peated at all. It was found that residues in the distilling equipment after a peated run had imparted a subtle smoky profile to the spirit! Resulting in this wholly unique "collection of curious casks". The whisky was aged further and bottled after a minimum of 14 years of maturation, giving bright and crisp citrus and toffee, with soft notes of smouldering wood and earth.
70cl ⋅ 47.80%£86.95 / Bottle£72.46 excl. VAT / Bottle
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Balvenie 18 Year Old 2005 Pineau Finish – A Collection Of Curious Casks
In this edition of the Collection of Curious Casks, we find a hark back to previous Malt Master and industry legend, David McStewart. These casks were originally laid down for a special project by David, but when sampled they did not meet the standards that he desired. They were returned to the warehouse and a different source of Pineau was selected, ultimately resulting in the release of the now-familiar French Oak 16 Year Old. The original experimental casks were then rediscovered some eight years later by David's protégé and new Malt Master, Kesley Mckechnie, and Samples Coordinator, George Paterson. The extra near-decade of maturation had transformed the whisky into something spectacular, bursting with butterscotch and ripe berries, followed by a thick, creamy texture of vanilla, honey and tannins. The casks were bottled and are now presented in this limited 2005 vintage release.
70cl ⋅ 47.90%£295.00 / Bottle£245.83 excl. VAT / Bottle