Before You Buy!

What You Can Expect From Us and What We Ask Of You.

We endeavour to ensure the reliable and timely supply of quality products at our best possible prices and, in the event anything does go wrong, to rectify the matter to your satisfaction.

We ask you to provide us with your order requirements in full, including delivery and payment (or arrange within any terms agreed) and to notify and respond to us promptly if any issue arises.

All items are offered in good faith as being in good condition (level, colour, clarity with sound caps and good labels) having regard to their age, in original casing, unless stated otherwise. However, it must be recognised with relevance particularly to the older vintages that this is a living product subject to individual variation not identifiable by external inspection. In the event any item is found not to be in good condition we may at our sole discretion offer part or full refund or like replacement.

What If

    • You do not provide payment within our terms, we may treat the order as cancelled.
    • You choose to cancel a confirmed order, we may charge a cancellation fee.
    • You do not collect items prepared at your request within 30 days, we may treat the order as cancelled and charge a re-stocking fee.
    • You require us to arrange release/delivery to your shippers, you should arrange payment to reach us, at the latest, 5 working days prior to your shipment date.
    • You need us to re-arrange or re-direct a delivery in progress, we may pass on any additional cost we incur for the revised delivery.
    • You need us to re-assign an invoice to a different account, we may make an administration charge.
    • You have a credit account and allow it to become overdue we treat un-delivered items as cancelled and may charge re-stocking fee or, if delivered, may apply interest charges or request their return.
    • You fail to renew a Storage Account within our terms we may consider it closed and require you to take possession of the stockholding within 30 days.
    • You need to cancel attendance to an event. We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances you may need to cancel your ticket to the event. We allow cancellations within 14 days from the time of the event. Refunds are made in full less booking fees and are processed by our ticketing partner Billetto. If you wish to cancel your order please contact us with your order ID immediately at In the unlikely event of the event being cancelled, we will issue all ticket holders a full refund.